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Benefits of Laughter for Diabetes

Benefits and advantages of Laughter for Diabetics

Written by Dr. Rajesh Moganti | Category : control and management, funny and interesting stuff
Benefits and advantages of Laughter for Diabetics

One of the best gifts which nature has given to humans includes laughter and humor. But many times, every individual does the opposite by getting angry/depressed which also spoils their health. Moreover, many studies have stated the different benefits of laughter and this in turn has led to the opening of several laughter clubs where the associated people get together, crack jokes, laugh and have a great time.

In fact, laughter therapy is also being used to cure (more importantly prevent) several diseases. Most of these diseases are related to cardiovascular system and also include obesity related issues. These involve heart ailments, ulcer, hypertension, stroke and diabetes. Yes, Diabetics benefit from laughter.

Following lines depict the contagious effect of laughter and the benefits and advantages associated with them:

* It is seen that hearty laughter (also known as belly laugh) is a good mode of workout and can help in burning calories faster. It doesn’t only affect the facial muscles, but also affects muscles in the leg, back, abdomen, diaphragm, shoulders and the respiratory tract.

* Diabetics benefit from laughter as it lowers their blood pressure, reduces stress/tension, elevates the mood and also boosts the immune system.

* It is seen that one of the most stress inducing factor that a diabetic/obese person faces is a lack of social life. But with laughter, they won’t complain again as laughter is seen to be the best social magnet as a good smile always helps in connecting with strangers. In fact, with the increasing stress in today’s life, everyone wishes to be around a person with whom they don’t have to carry their load, can enjoy and relax at the same time.

* Diabetics benefit from laughter as it improves their brain functioning, ensuring relaxation, protecting the heart and giving an overall feeling of happiness and satisfaction. As aforementioned, it is the best known treatment for stress, anxiety, anger and depression which all result in heart disease.

Laughter can be acquired anywhere and anytime. One can join special laughter clubs; have their personal collection of comedy films, cartoons and even watch local comedy gigs (provided they are worth the time).


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