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Where do You Live – Fattest Cities?

Latest findings show that everything might be bigger in Texas including the Residents
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Men’s Health

Look at a map of the United States and you’ll be reminded of just how big Texas is. But what you can’t see is the size of the state’s citizenry: Five Lone Star cities are among the nation’s fattest, with Corpulent Christi at the top.

To arrive at our rankings, we calculated the percentage of people who are overweight, the percentage with type 2 diabetes, the percentage who haven’t left the couch in a month (CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System); the money spent on junk food (Bureau of Labor Statistics); and finally, the number of people who ate fast food nine or more times in a month (Mediamark Research).

Want fries with that? You might not after you learn the truth about your menu order.

Now for the good news: The folks at The Biggest Loser have decided to help Texas lose its tonnage. Tune in and watch America’s second-largest state shrink before your eyes.

The Heaviest Cities:

Ranking City State Grade
1. Corpus Christi Texas F
2. Charleston W.Va. F
3. El Paso Texas F
4. Dallas Texas F
5. Memphis Tenn. F
6. Kansas City Mo. F
7. San Antonio Texas F
8. Baltimore Md. F
9. Houston Texas D-
10. Birmingham Ala. D-

Cities 11-90, With Rankings and Grades

11. Durham, N.C. D-; 12. Jacksonville, Fla. D-; 13. Lubbock, Texas D-; 14. Buffalo, N.Y. D; 15. Philadelphia, Pa. D; 16. Riverside, Calif. D; 17. Oklahoma City, Okla. D; 18. New Orleans, La. D; 19. Jersey City, N.J. D; 20. Las Vegas, Nev. D

21. Wichita, Kan. D; 22. Chicago, Ill. D+; 23. Fort Wayne, Ind. D+; 24. Indianapolis, Ind. D+; 25. Lexington, Ky. D+; 26. Billings, Mont. D+; 27. Detroit, Mich. D+; 28. Montgomery, Ala. D+; 29. Toledo, Ohio D+; 30. Fresno, Calif. D+

31. Tulsa, OK D+; 32. Orlando, FL D+; 33. Fargo, ND C-; 34. Milwaukee, WI C-; 35. Anchorage, AK C-; 36. Tampa, FL C-; 37. Jackson, MS C-; 38. Columbia, SC C-; 39. Des Moines, IA C-; 40. Cheyenne, WY C-

41. Madison, WI C-; 42. Newark, NJ C-; 43. Bakersfield, CA C; 44. Pittsburgh, PA C; 45. Richmond, VA C; 46. Los Angeles, CA C; 47. Raleigh, NC C; 48. Modesto, CA C; 49. St. Louis, MO C; 50. Sacramento, CA C

51. Louisville, KY C; 52. Boston, MA C; 53. Virginia Beach, VA C+; 54. Arlington, TX C+; 55. Grand Rapids, MI C+; 56. Providence, RI C+; 57. Nashville, TN C+; 58. Spokane, WA C+; 59. Sioux Falls, SD C+; 60. Omaha, NE C+

61. St. Petersburg, FL C+; 62. San Diego, CA C+; 63. Columbus, OH C+; 64. Tucson, AZ C+; 65. Little Rock, AR B-; 66. Fort Worth, TX B-; 67. Lincoln, NE B-; 68. Phoenix, AZ B-; 69. Miami, FL B-; 70. Greensboro, NC B-

71. Manchester, NH B-; 72. Portland, ME B-; 73. Rochester, NY B-; 74. Charlotte, NC B-; 75. New York, NY B-; 76. Boise, ID B; 77. Cleveland, OH B; 78. Anaheim, CA B; 79. Yonkers, NY B; 80. San Jose, CA B

81. Reno, NV B; 82. Atlanta, GA B; 83. Wilmington, DE B; 84. Hartford, CT B+; 85. Salt Lake City, UT B+; 86. Colorado Springs, CO B+; 87. St. Paul, MN B+; 88. Minneapolis, MN B+; 89. Oakland, CA B+; 90. Honolulu, HI B+

The Leanest Cities

Ranking City State Grade
1. San Francisco Calif. A+
2. Burlington Vermont A+
3. Washington, D.C. A
4. Seattle Wash. A
5. Austin Texas A
6. Albuquerque N.M. A-
7. Portland Ore. A-
8. Cincinnati Ohio A-
9. Denver Colo. A-
10. Aurora Colo. B+

Put the brakes on inflation

You have to give Texas legislators credit: They’re trying to fight the state’s weight problem with a bill requiring chain restaurants to list nutrition information, including calorie counts, on their menus. Yale University researchers recently found that this dietary disclosure prompted people to order meals with nearly 15 percent fewer calories. “People may have ordered less because many of the numbers are shocking, with most appetizers containing half a day’s worth of calories,” says study author Christina Roberto, M.S. Go to to see if your politicians are pushing for greater nutritional transparency.

Take steps

It may not feel like “exercise,” but walking does burn calories; plus, the only gear you need is a pedometer, a notepad, and a pen. In a recent British study, men who wore pedometers and then wrote down their total steps at the end of each day walked 11 percent more than those who didn’t put pen to paper. “Recording your steps motivates you to beat your level of activity from the previous day,” says study co-author Stacy Clemes, Ph.D.

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