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Vitamins and Minerals Work in Tandem

Here are 8 nutritional examples of how vitamins and minerals work in tandem.

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Every now and then, we hear about studies reporting that one single vitamin wasn’t shown to have an effect on a certain condition — such as vitamin C and colds. Often these simplified findings occur because the study looked at the vitamin in isolation rather than how it naturally interacts with other nutrients to benefit our health.

Nutritional relationships are highly complex. Many vitamins and minerals work in tandem with others to enhance absorption, effectiveness and health benefits. They’re like family — they NEED each other. This is called synergy. Synergy is all about how a group of powerful nutrients work together to give more benefits than they would individually.

Here are some examples of nutrition combos that work synergistically for better health benefits:

*Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron. So eating dark green vegetables or citrus with meats, fish or beans is a smart nutrition choice to boost iron levels and enhance production of healthy red blood cells.

*Eating good fats, such as olive oil, canola oil or even a simple avocado, nuts or cheese, with a salad chock-full of veggie helps your body absorb more of the beneficial phytochemicals.

*Working together, folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12 protect the heart by reducing the level of an artery-damaging amino acid. So eat plenty of B6 and folate vitamin sources such as spinach, broccoli, tomato juice, beans, bananas and watermelon along with B12 sources such as meats, chicken, fish, shellfish, milk and eggs.

*Vitamin C and phytoestrogen found in various fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans (including soy) work together to prevent or delay dangerous plaque build-up in the arteries.

*Vitamin D and calcium go hand in hand because vitamin D is needed to help your body absorb calcium. In addition, the combination of the two nutrients increases bone mineral density and reduces fracture risk in postmenopausal women.

*A study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that eating a broccoli-tomato combination significantly suppresses prostate tumor growth more than eating broccoli or lycopene-rich tomatoes alone.

*Pairing the catechins in grapes and the quercetin in apples may improve cardiovascular health by making blood platelets less sticky so they don’t clump together and clog arteries.

*Adding lemon to your green tea not only makes it taste good, it also helps your body absorb at least three times more of tea’s healthy catechins.

Relìv Makes Synergistic Nutrition Easy

Over two decades ago, Relìv introduced products developed on the principle of synergy — long before synergy became a buzzword in the nutrition world. Rather than focus on one or two specific vitamins, Relìv products are carefully balanced with a complex blend of nutrients that work together, synergistically, for optimal health. Two shakes a day of Relìv nutritional supplements combined with eating a variety of fresh, whole foods will ensure your body is receiving the nutrition it craves to function its best.

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Cheers to Your Optimal Health

Katrina van Oudheusden


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