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Professional Allergy Chef

I now consider myself a professional allergy chef. For over 9 years I have seen an explosion in food allergies and dietary needs. I swear it is getting worst every day. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t have at least 10-13 allergies or dietary requests. Some days it is even more than that.

When people ask what I do for a living I tell them I am a food doctor. As a Chef my role goes beyond the creation of food, it is now how to keep you alive in my dining room. I have learned about PKU diets, diabetic diets, diverticulitis diets, an array of food allergies from intolerance to life threatening. I have learned that people can be allergic to how something is processed to the color of food dye.

I also learn about how our doctors don’t know our foods. Example: I had a customer tell me that her doctor told her that she was allergic to dairy but eggs were okay. Curious… but have you ever seen a cow lay an egg? Then this got me thinking… in a humorous way… if you are allergic to egg, shouldn’t you also be allergic to chicken?  or If you are allergic to diary, shouldn’t you be allergic to beef? Whoops!  Sorry I got off track… ( back to the subject at hand)

I was also talking to customers and they were told that children should stay away from all nuts until the age of 3. So they had a nut allergy without even being tested because the doctor just told them to stay away from it. This goes back to another article I wrote about how I believe that we are being over diagnosed with food allergies. The one thing that keep us alive and fuels our bodies is food but if we are becoming intolerant to it what does that say about the food we are being served in America? Or even what you are buying at the store?

But I do have a lot of fun with allergies. When I get the customers that are allergic to everything I am excited and that is because I just have to cook them food. Nothing processed but just regular food. Grill or saute meat, fresh fruit or vegetables, and a choice of a starch such as rice or potatoes. Really… it is so easy. I stop looking at what they can’t have and start seeing what they can have. Makes cooking so much easier.

So my suggestion for you is this… If you have a food allergy talked to the server or chef, it can be in your best interest. But I also know that the chain restaurants don’t always treat you the right way. They don’t show the compassion for those that have allergies. But having been trained at the vacation destination of amusement parks I can tell you will confidence we are the top of the industry when it comes to dealing with allergies.

If you have questions about what foods you can eat please ask. The comment box below is a great place to leave your thoughts and questions. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Cheers to Your Optimal Health

Katrina van Oudheusen


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