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What’s the Difference between Food Allergies and Sensitivities?

Well, this article spiked my interest… Oh boy! Sit back and buckle up… you may not like what I have to say on this topic.

I have been in the food industry for over 15 years. I have been a Chef for 4 years and work in a location where we handle over 20+ Food Allergies/Intolerance/Dietary Restriction and so much more a day. And no I do not work at a hospital… though there are day I swear I am more of a food doctor than a Chef. I have been taught and educated by guest and the company I work for on food allergies. I am tested every 3 months to make sure I understand how to handle food allergies.

I have worked for my company for over 9 years now. Back when I first started I barely saw an allergy. They were few and far between. But about 5-6 years ago there was an allergy explosion and it is only getting worse. We started to see an increase in the number of allergies coming into the restaurant. On average I receive 140 emails a month letting me know when someone is going to dine in my location with an allergy. This does not include the ones that I find out about once they sit down to dine.  So the number of allergies goes up or down depending on the meal period.

This brings me back to the question…

What’s the difference between a Food Allergies and Sensitivities?

This article makes some really valid points. Good medical advice and the need to remove the offending food from your diet. This I get and totally understand. But… what is going to happen when you remove all food from your diet? Will you starve? The one thing we need is fuel… and fuel for humans is food. Your car doesn’t run without gas. Your A/C doesn’t work with out Freon. Plants don’t grow with out nutrients and water.

Why do we need food? Well, it contains vital nutrient to keep us alive!!! Yet we continue to put crap into our bodies. By all means I am not perfect. I do enjoy the occasional fast food but it is not my only source of food. We don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. And don’t tell me we do… cause it is a lie. I hear it all the time from parents.. my child only eats hamburgers…. hot dogs… chicken nuggets… oh and everything comes with fries. I am truly shocked every time when I hear a child request fruit or vegetables. It is not the norm!!!

The other day we served a table of 9 guest… only 1 guest had a vegetable on the plate. Everyone else had a double starch… rice/fries or mash/fries. We treat fries like it is a vegetable… guess what?!? ITS NOT!!! McDonald’s doesn’t sell burgers… it sell fries! And it makes a mint off you and me.

So where am I going with all of this? Here is my stand. We don’t get enough nutrients into our bodies. We are nutritional starved. Sensitivities are our bodies way of telling us that something is not right. We are deficient in the vitamins and minerals that make up the human body. We are living organic beings that are living on chemicals. Our body will always reject what it can’t process.

I have witness friends with sever allergies to peanuts/tree nuts/dairy. That today no longer have these allergies. I have seen intolerance go away. Sensitivities disappear.  Why and how you might ask. They improved their nutritional intake. I was starting to become lactose intolerant not too long ago, but today enjoy all the dairy I want with not upset stomach or bathroom run. 🙂

I have improved my nutritional intake and started feeding my body what it needs to maintain itself. I am giving it the tools to build my immune system, fight off disease, and keep me healthy. I value myself and want to make sure that I am not facing the aches and pains of those around me. I am not a fan of medical drugs because they only mask the pain and don’t take care of the body. The side effects sound horrible when I think … if I just feed my body optimal nutrition and it will take care of itself. Go read… Food for thought, Your Human Body Value?

Tell me that YOU are not worth investing in? Tell me that YOU are not a priceless human? Tell me that you would rather be unhealthy? Tell me that you would rather spend $1000’s trying to feel sick and helpless? Tell me that YOU like the side effects of your medication?

Get out of your own way and start taking some action to correct your health. Stop asking the government to do it for you. You can get back your health or a least get back a better quality of life, if you start taking care of yourself. Get UP! Get Moving! Invest in your NUTRITIONAL health and start living the life you really want!

You want to change your life… take optimal nutrition. If you want to impact and change the lives around you share this information. Stand up for YOUR LIFE!

If you found this to have value… share it with others.. tweet it, post to facebook, stumble it…

If you have a strong opinion share it also! I want to know what you are thinking. We don’t have to agree and that is the amazing thing! I am here to cook your food, to fuel your body. I am here to share nutrition because our agricultural standards have changed. I want to nourish the world. I hope you come with me on this journey.

Cheers to YOUR optimal health!

Katrina van Oudheusden

Please Note:

I am aware the there are severe food allergies. Dairy, Egg, Peanut, Tree Nut, Shellfish, Gluten, and Fish are the top 7 that we learn about. I know that they are life threatening and always respect and make every effort to keep you safe. I also know that there are many of you out there that are severely allergic to other foods.  I have met many of you that have educated me on your food allergies and I thank you for this education. You have helped me grow as a Chef and have allowed me to cook you foods that make your feel just like everyone else. I always want you to have an amazing experience and I promise that you will always be my first concern when taking care of your allergy. My pledge is to make sure that no one gets sick on my shift. Your health and life is too important to me.


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