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Obesity: Why You Can’t Fight It

This has been a hot topic for me….

Obesity: Why You Can’t Fight It

We expect so much from the food industry. We give calorie counts, fat content, sodium content… and everything else under the sky to educate consumers. Working in a restaurant I scream from the ceiling everyday about portion size and balanced meals. But who is really responsible for obesity?

This is a small snippet from an article by, “the Atlantic“…

“Today we turn our attention to perhaps the biggest Wild Card in the obesity drama: the consumer. Consumers find themselves in a quandary. They are pilloried by the food industry for not taking personal responsibility for their eating choices, advocates and regulators decry their lack of compliance with nutrition education efforts such as the Food Pyramid guidelines, and four out of five consumers believe that their weight gain is a result of their own failure to eat less or exercise more.

Conventional wisdom holds that consumers should act in a rational, disciplined manner. This is a false assumption. Consumers are not a homogeneous group like grocers, restaurateurs, or food activists are. They run the gamut from solid-like behavior (that ability to consistently say “no”) to a more combustible gaseous state (feeling they must say “yes”).”

To read more on this powerful article… “Obesity: Why Consumers Can’t Fight It”

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Katrina van Oudheusden


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