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How are Chicken Nuggets Really Made?

The one question that needs to be answered… How are Chicken Nuggests really made:

To give you a better understanding of what this picture is go to

This is what they call meat… What does it look like to you? I thought a chicken nugget would be made of chicken? Did I miss something?

Did you get the chance to see Jaime Oliver’s “Food Revolution” TV series. If you didn’t I would suggest checking it out on Hulu. Very eye opening looking at what our government says is nutrition and our education on food. I was shocked many time while watching this show. Being a Chef there were some parts that actually made  me very upset. But I am going to let you make your own opinion.

Unfortunately our food is junk and I mean everything from our vegetables to our proteins. My only suggestion is that everyone supplement. We are getting less and less nutritional value out of our food. My understanding is that we eat to nourish our bodies but if the food we eat has no nutrition then what are we eating for? I heard that the reason we over eat in America is because our food has no nutrition and our bodies are desperate for vitamins, minerals, proteins, and so much more. What is your opinion?

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Cheers to Your Optimal Health.

Katina van Oudheusden


October 8, 2010 - Posted by | children, Diets, Food Allergies, Health, Health and Wellness, kids vitamins, Nutrition

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