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How Important is Your Pet’s Health?

Now I know that this is an off topic for this site but I was at the store the other day with my mom. She asked, “Why don’t you just get the cheap dog food?” This brought up the conversation…

How important is your pet’s health?

Well, being a believer in nutrition I told mom that my dog is like my kid, she only gets the best. I know that I only take the best nutrition and I want my dog to live a happy healthy life. So we started going through different bags of dog food and checking the ingredients.

I wanted to make sure that the first couple of ingredients where actually meats. First ingredient in my dogs food is lamb. As you get into the cheaper dog foods it is corn meal and other junk. Literally it is junk that they are saying is dog food. It is like feeding your child McDonald’s twice a day and saying that they will be healthy?

So I have even started adding Reliv into my dogs food. Extra nutrition is not a bad thing and it is keeping her looking younger. My dog Katie is now 8 years old and looks great.

Katie Dog

I am glad that Katie is healthy and I won’t feed her anything but the best in dog food. I know that times are tough but don’t skimp on your dogs food.

Just like your animals that you love so much, you need to be making sure you are getting the best nutrition and food into your body. If you are taking multiple vitamins and eating right but still feel sluggish maybe it is time you took a look at Reliv.

Cheers to Your Optimal Health!

Katrina van Oudheusden


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