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Exercise Protects Your Colon – And Your Life

We all know how important our digestive system is. That is why we see all sorts of products for colon cleans and the need to add more fiber to your diet. But did you know that exercise protects your colon and your life?

I want to share with you a great article by my friends at

Consistent Exercise Protects
Your Colon — and Your Life

Just in time to help you renew your commitment to getting more active this year, new studies underscore the benefits of regular exercise — especially related to colon cancer.

According to researchers at Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine, consistent exercise can lower the risk of dying from colon cancer. In the study, people who exercised consistently for at least 10 years had the lowest risk of colon cancer death.

The same researchers had previously analyzed data from past studies on colon cancer risk and found people who exercised the most were 24 percent less likely to develop colon cancer in the first place than those who exercised the least.

And even after a cancer diagnosis, exercise reduces the risk of recurrence and death.

It’s Never Too Late to Get Moving

The new study’s message: It’s never too late to get started exercising but it’s never too early either. Just a 30-minute walk a day — although longer is even better — helps reduce your risk of many diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and other cancers. Research also shows regular exercise helps you feel better physically and mentally so you function better on a daily basis.

Indulge in a Sleep Chaser
For a well-earned chaser to your exercise, make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can cancel out exercise’s cancer prevention benefits, according to a study by the National Cancer Institute.

Join the Team!
Make joining the Team Reliv Fitness Club your first step to a healthier colon. Sign up anywhere, anytime. It’s open to all Reliv Distributors and customers. When you average at least 30 minutes of exercise per day in a month, you could win great Reliv prizes. Biggest weight losers will also earn recognition. The Team Reliv Fitness Club is a fun way to stay motivated toward your goal of being healthier — now and for the long run.

To shore up your digestive health, make sure you’re also eating enough fiber each day. With 10 grams of fiber per serving and a powerful package of vitamins, antioxidants and herbs, Reliv’s FibRestore is a great start.


I love the FibRestore and won’t go a day without it. For me it is the best fiber ever! I haven’t seen anything that comes anywhere close to how good this tastes!

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To becoming the healthy person you want to be,

Katrina van Oudheusden


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