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Reliv – 24K Product Launch!

The opening event is kicked off with Dr. Carl Hastings telling us this has never been a better time to be in Reliv. Next up Steve Hastings takes the stage looking fit and thin. Sr. VP of Reliv International.

The place is packed… Standing room only for this big event. Snow, sleet, nor rain could keep anyone away. Cancel fights just meant that we were renting vans and taking cars to get here.

Here are the hints…. “This stuff works” This is a game changer…..

Energy on demand… sounds like an energy drink to me….

Who is Reliv? For people of all back grounds who want to lead healthy self-directed and meaningful lives. Reliv offers exceptionally effective nutritional products and simple and profitable business opportunity and the chance to change live and provide hope to people around the world.

Core Values of Reliv

Quality. Trust. Integrity. Changing Lives. Giving Back.(Kalogris Foundation) [Distributors First] – Do what is good for Reliv Distributors.

The excitement in the room is building… You can feel the tension and excitement of what is about to happen.

Trish  – long time Reliv Distributor – Tell story about Robert Montgomery and how he wants to know about the distributors. He makes it a point to get to know the distributors.

We are going to be a leading edge company… we are looking to tomorrow to help distributors build their business. We are doing things now with functional formulas that modern medicine just shakes their head at.

New Reliv Logo! We are bringing it forward! Putting it in a circle makes is more noticeable! More clothing!  More items with Reliv Logo! Standard logo with everyone!  (Can I get a HELL YEAH!)

And the executive team is modeling the new clothing line. Very nice! Excited to have clothing that we can wear and be proud to wear! This is an exciting time for Reliv.

Scott Montgomery: It is great to see Reliv making a statement and really being competitive with the other nutritional companies. We need to renew and refresh what Reliv is about. We are going to embrace technology and ways to communicate. We are going to be moving forward into the future. We have a brand to be proud of. This is the right product at the right time! We are going to open doors all around the country!

We are now 25 minutes away from the new product launch!!

Reliv introduces top 5 reliv distributors – Reliv Presidential Directors All Stars team:

Rosemary Bell, aurora and Raul Paredas , Norma and Peter Carlozzi, Quila and Jim Buhler, Davied and Eileen Leeds. 2011 All-Star Team for Reliv! (Receiving a bat and a Reliv All Star Jersey!)

We are 15 minutes away… What is going on right now… Each All Star is sharing their story on how they got to be an All Star! I think I can make it to All Star for next year!

Eek… we are 7 minutes away… ugh!

Okay I am on the edge of my seat… the suspense is building. ….. and here we go! The most exciting product Reliv has ever brought to the market! Oh and it is Dr. Carl’s birthday today!

And we are live for the new product launch, can you hear us screaming! We are excited to be here!

And they keep bringing in more chairs for all those standing in the back. We are ready! Just tell me what it is!!!

24K – Your Energy shot!  28oz bottle and 2oz double shot!

Are you ready to have your Shot! – order your 24K shot today!


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