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The Perfect Nutrition for Kids

The Perfect Nutrition for Kids:
Our children’s health is the most important thing to a parent. Watch this video to learn about a nutrition for kids that aids in mental development. Give your child or children the “food” they need to grow up with a healthy immune system.

If you liked this video please click on the “like” button. Would love to hear your comments on kids nutrition. Do you think the food industry is giving you healthier choices for your children?

To Your Kids Optimal Health,
Katrina van Oudheusden
Independent Reliv Distributor


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  1. One of my main “beefs” with providing nutrition for my kids is expense. We are a single income family and things are tight each month. It surprises me how inexpensive the processed foods are but how much stores charge for fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. I think it’s partly because these are still considered novelty items. I wonder if more of us bought them, if prices would go down? As a mom, I am on the lookout for good health resources. Since oral health is such an issue for kids these days, this Mom’s Guide ( has been helpful for me in looking up some ways to help my kids develop health habits when it comes to their teeth. I know I set the pace there as I do with nutrition.

    Comment by Joy | June 23, 2011 | Reply

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